About This Blog

This blog will contain a list of usual suspects within the Innovation and New Product Development space. I will cover common issues and problems I have seen frequently causing pain in different organizations, often disguised under slightly different appearances. When covering each topic I’ll try to provide a description of the symptoms and some hints about remedies (when I know them). I’ll try to stick to facts and sound theories as much as I can, and avoid being dogmatic or judgmental.

I’m writing this blog mainly for myself as a simple way to collect and compile my own learning, past and present, in a structured way. I would be delighted, if my ruminations can be helpful to someone else or spark a conversation, especially if it involves being proven wrong. I have never learned faster that when somebody showed me I was wrong, after I had thought long enough on a topic as to build a theory. Please do add a comment or get in touch. I would love hearing from you.

Now a disclaimer: I am not a native English speaker and my writing skills are very limited. I can guarantee I am not a Gibbon or De Quincey. I hope you can forgive me for the shameless abuse of the English language, and the writing expression for that matter.

Please notice there are no guarantees provided here. Your specific problem requires careful consideration of all the forces needing balance in your case. You are the best positioned to do it. Decide if applying what is suggested here can be worth of a try and design an experiment to validate it.

You can read something more about me here.


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